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What is your most unhealthy habit??? What have you tried to do to  rid yourself of it?  Why do you think it was not successful?


Hypnosis is "the bypass of the critical factor (conscious mind) and the establishment of selective ideas  and thinking in the subconscious mind. Simply put : hypnosis is the bypass around your chaotic mind ( like an 8 lane highway) to a great peaceful destination ( your subconscious mind).
Now tell me..what would you want to see happen in your life when this bypass is made possible and the quiet noncritical part of your brain is "listening.?


WOW!!!!!! This is my first post of my first blog of my first website of my first business!!!I know there are a million blogs and that's great! But there are not a million hypnosis blogs. I'm a psych RN turned Hypnotist. I found my passion! ( well I have other passions!) This is my life's work and the way I plan to help heal my corner of the world and make a living. I am very open and with my psych background  I am perceptive and have a good grasp on behavior, feelings, and how to help.