Rugged waves
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Rugged waves


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rugged waves
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Rugged waves

Life is about riding the calm and rugged waves. I have been trying to ride some rugged waves lately and have sustained some bruising and battering. Hypnosis is not a miracle cure for all life's tough spots but absolutely will give you a tool for good health. Working with your mind and accessing that deeper part of you that holds your beliefs, and quirks and habits is like nurturing a new garden...
Yes...I am tempted to just pop in a good piece of Sarris candy ( sometimes do) ;have an extra cup of Keurig pumpkin spice coffee; scream ( rarely do i do that unless I'm on the expressway in my soon to be traded pontiac supercharged GTP); mope around ( yes that is my style) ; blame others or bad luck (easy to do and convenient) ; sleep cause I won't really be aware of it..unless it invades my dreams.
Self-Hypnosis ...discovering our incredible deeper minds is like treasure hunting...finding ways to cope, clues to why we do what we do, and a way to rewire, reprogram what is working against us. I care about you...I don't know you so well yet, but I know we are all connected in this vast yet limited human world..
Jan Lee     Peace and Love

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assignment writers australia on Thursday, May 02, 2019 5:59 AM
Hypnosis is the process of accessing the sub conscious state of mind. The tool of hypnosis has been accepted advantageous for the health of mind and body. Via hypnosis one can easily control his mind and it is also a serious tool for the better health.
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