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hypnosis; what it is ; what it isn't

my storage unit and hypnosis!

Lately, I've been cleaning out a large storage unit full of stuff that floods my mind with mostly good memories and some rugged memories. Storage unit is like the subconscious mind. Full of all our life experiences. Memories. Stuff. 
Cleaning it out is about throwing away what we don't need/ want or what is unhealthy clutter. And nurturing the good stuff...
Think of HYPNOSIS as this "de-cluttering" taking good care of your storage unit.  

I create hypnosis audios specific to you ($125) or general audios for anxiety/ pain management/ self esteem/ addictions/ grief/ rejection/ bullying/ sports performance.

Hypnosis: no fear

Hi Friends!
Hypnosis is an amazing intervention for many problems. I will say that it is most important to WANT to make the changes and to get rid of any fears/ misconceptions about what hypnosis is. Is there anything you fear about hypnosis? Some of my clients initially have fears. I get rid of them right away. Hypnosis is a natural process and the only "side effect" will be positive change and an understanding that you can reprogram your mind! Be mesmerizing!


Hypnosis is not voodoo!!

Hi Friends!
Lots of misconceptions about Hypnosis! It is not voodoo ; not mind control ; not a religious process; not magic . It is a natural way to access your deeper MIND and make changes. my blog entries will be short and sweet! Be mesmerizing! Jan