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HYPNOSIS during covid
TRIBUTE TO HCWs combating covid
How to not feel the cold ...(hypnosis)
Hypnosis: Pondering


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HYPNOSIS during covid

This virus is with us for some time. It challenges how we deal with change and illness and loss. What we do with our minds during this ordeal is significant. Hypnosis is one tool to help us think/ feel/ act/ react in healthier ways. Hypnosis helps us "plant" positive suggestions in our deeper ( subconscious) minds. Those suggestions need to be what we WANT and what we will ACCEPT.  When I ponder this: coronavirus, a teeny tiny "bug" that is reeking havoc on our world in a giant way... it's a message of how vulnerable we can be and yet, how we can rise above the chaos and sadness and pain to be more than we were...Hypnosis is simply a way to do that. Call me for more information about this incredible natural intervention for WELLNESS. 724-351-1242

TRIBUTE TO HCWs combating covid

Thank you to all of you who have done so much and continue to do so much to combat covid. I'd like to draw attention to all our health care workers who are most at risk when helping their patients/ clients during this turbulent time. 
I will attach a free combat covid audio to this site.
love and peace. jan


Hi Everyone!
We all experience rejection. It hurts like hell. Sometimes we are excluded from the lives of the people who we love (loved) ..maybe even family. It can be unbearable. I'm in this experience now and I will share with you that re-framing what you are going through and re-programming what your mind does with your experience will help you through.
Hypnosis can do this.
I can do phone interview with you and create an audio unique for you to help you accept yourself when others reject you.

How to not feel the cold ...(hypnosis)

I decided I wanted change how cold i felt when taking our shih tzu pup, Gizmo out in the frosty winter mornings. a year ago, I hypnotized myself : I imagined I was on a great stretch of beach at Ocean city , MD ( just me and Gizmo) walking along, stopping occasionally to look out at the waves rolling in that great rhythm of life coming in, going out; feeling the velvety smooth sand under my bare feet; smiling with the warm breeze just whispering at my cheek; a comfortable 65-70 degrees this morning: The orange yellow ball rising in the baby blue sky sending out some purple and pink streaks;  Gizmo, my best fur buddy was doing that little trot that small dogs do..I felt warm and energized and peaceful all at the same time. I imagined this so vividly as I repeated to myself.." I'm at this beach when I take gizmo out in the cold morning. I'm warm enough to not feel any cold on my skin; though my conscious mind knows it may be 15 ,20, 30 degrees and there may be some frost or snow..my deeper wiser mind is able to allow me to feel warmth...to be here in my mind with him...I'm at the beach. "

Hypnosis: Pondering

When considering Hypnosis, read up on it. Understand the process. Ask questions. 
Get rid of misconceptions. Ponder what is going on in your life and what you WANT to change. If you smoke and don't want to quit, that is important news. Explore why you don't want to quit...and maybe you will discover you do want to quit. A key issue with success is "wanting" to change . 
Research. Debunk the Myths ( ask me ) Ponder what change you want to make. 
Be mesmerizing...jan

my storage unit and hypnosis!

Lately, I've been cleaning out a large storage unit full of stuff that floods my mind with mostly good memories and some rugged memories. Storage unit is like the subconscious mind. Full of all our life experiences. Memories. Stuff. 
Cleaning it out is about throwing away what we don't need/ want or what is unhealthy clutter. And nurturing the good stuff...
Think of HYPNOSIS as this "de-cluttering" taking good care of your storage unit.  

I create hypnosis audios specific to you ($125) or general audios for anxiety/ pain management/ self esteem/ addictions/ grief/ rejection/ bullying/ sports performance.

Hypnosis Audios by JanLeeHypnosis

Hi Friends: How are you? Hope all is well. I have started to create Hypnosis Audios. I can do interview with you ( 1/2 hr) at $50 and then create the audio and send it to you via wetransfer.com to your email. that will be $70. 
For a total of $120, you get a hypnosis audio file that is created uniquely for YOU ; you can listen to it over and over; hopefully you will never get tired of my voice!!; the ultimate goal is that you make the changes you want to make with a  good hypnotist ( me!

Hypnosis: no fear

Hi Friends!
Hypnosis is an amazing intervention for many problems. I will say that it is most important to WANT to make the changes and to get rid of any fears/ misconceptions about what hypnosis is. Is there anything you fear about hypnosis? Some of my clients initially have fears. I get rid of them right away. Hypnosis is a natural process and the only "side effect" will be positive change and an understanding that you can reprogram your mind! Be mesmerizing!


Change your LIFE!!

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Hypnosis : Try this! !!
Jan Lee CH, RN 724-351-1242
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Hypnosis is not voodoo!!

Hi Friends!
Lots of misconceptions about Hypnosis! It is not voodoo ; not mind control ; not a religious process; not magic . It is a natural way to access your deeper MIND and make changes. my blog entries will be short and sweet! Be mesmerizing! Jan