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My nursing career started in 1982 when I graduated as a Licensed Practical Nurse from St. Francis Alvernia School of Practical Nursing in Pittsburgh. My first job was a position at Harmarville Rehabilitation Center on the Spinal Cord unit. Most of my patients were young guys who were partially or completely paralyzed. I worked night shift and found this was a time when many of them were struggling with anxiety and depression.

For a new nurse, it was an awakening. The work was emotionally draining. But I realized I was comfortable with the mental health/emotional side of nursing.

I graduated from Butler Community College and passed my RN Boards in 1984. In the next 20 years, I worked in a variety of Psychiatric positions (Clinics, Inpatient Units, Home Care). The challenge of working with the mentally ill kept me in psychiatric nursing. I was inspired by many who survived in a society that ostracized them. It still goes on today.

I was a nurse counselor in a phone/online counseling business I created. My clients enjoyed the anonymity and convenience of a session by phone.

I was a Surveyor in the Pennsylvania Department of Health , Division of Nursing Care Facilities. We helped the staff at these facilities comply with all regulations so their patients were well cared for. In the next 4 years, my career took me in different directions, but always with a focus on emotional/mental health.

I was a night charge nurse on a Prader-Willi Unit at the Children's Institute in Shadyside ( a world -renowned program devoted to treating patients who are severely obese and developmentally affected as a result of a genetic disorder).

Again, I worked as a Psychiatric Home Care nurse( my favorite field) where a nurse steps onto the client's "turf" and rapport and trust must develop quickly. Recently, I was a Crisis RN in Pittsburgh. Those struggling with mental illness, addiction, homelessness, incarceration walked through our doors and were cared about and given opportunities for better lives.

In all those years of nursing, I discovered that traditional medicine was not ALWAYS the answer. Sometimes it was not the ONLY answer. I was always thinking "outside the box." Hypnosis and all mind/body medicine was fascinating to me.I know now that a key to Wellness is using our internal "wisdom" to be balanced and healthy.

In July of 2010 ,after much thought, I drove to Myrtle Beach where I studied with John Weir, a Hypnosis Instructor, and became a certified Hypnotist under the guidelines of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Hypnosis is my work and my passion. I am thrilled to be an alternative/complementary health care practitioner!

I'm a hypnotist, a "mind- mender", a guide and always a student.


Since 2010, I have worked with hundreds of clients. It is my privilege to be able to help people make incredible changes in their lives, changes that move them towards more wellness. I am so proud of my clients. Hypnosis is an intimate process in that we open our deeper minds by letting go of our logical conscious minds. We are never out of control , but we are allowing a Hypnotist to guide us into a state that is vulnerable.

Hypnosis is not voodoo or mind control, nor is it a religious process. ( It may be a spiritual experience)

We have incredible minds that can be rewired for health and wellness! 

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