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Jan Lee is a Certified Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists.She is also a Psychiatric RN with 35 years experience.She has always been interested in how the mind affects our health. It makes sense that she chose psychiatric nursing as a career.

Hypnosis is her passion and grew out of the realization that traditional medicine often ignores the power of the MIND. Wake up in the morning and think a positive thought over and will set your day on a healthier path- a simple but powerful action.

She was drawn to Hypnosis 20 years ago when an employer sent some nurses to a Hypnosis program. The experience of being hypnotized was dynamic for her and no doubt, a SUGGESTION was planted . It just took some time for her to realize her passion. Finding what inspires you is a great thing!

Alternative medicine is about "thinking outside the box."

Hypnosis is a safe natural way to get past the busy CONSCIOUS MIND and access the receptive SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. The SUBCONSCIOUS MIND is home to our memories, habits, quirks, automatic behaviors. Positive suggestions will take hold in this non-critical part of our minds and change will occur. A kind of brain "rewiring" or "reprogramming" ( for our techno society) takes place and healthy habits replace the unhealthy. Hypnosis is a path to positivity and balance..for life!

Imagine a busy highway... cars merging , braking, speeding. Let this represent your CONSCIOUS MIND. If you could bypass that chaos, you would, right? You want to arrive at your destination. HYPNOSIS is the bypass, the way around this "busy highway" (your CONSCIOUS MIND) to your destination, a peaceful place (your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND).

Jan is your everyday person on a great adventure of using HYPNOSIS to help you improve your life. She will be your guide, your teacher and your student.

Call her; email her; skype with her; check out YOu tube videos.

She will create hypnosis audios uniquely for you.

She will do F2F sessions if you are in Pittsburgh, Pa , USA area.

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